The National Football League

The National Football League
The NFL is divided into two leagues, the AFC and the NFC. In those divisions,
they are divided into 3 conferences, the west, central, east. They both have
about 14 teams each and they compete head to head. They start the game with a
coin-toss. The winner chooses to either receive or kick-off, they do the
opposite at half time. The game is divided in 4 quarters, 15 minutes each, with
a break half way called half-time. On each team there are 56 players. The
starting line ups consist of 11 players on offense and defense. There are also 5
referees. They hike the ball and once that happens its called a play. The QB can
either pass the ball or hand it off. If he throws it and the receiver drops it
the play is over. If he catches it then drops it the play is over. Many types of
penalties can be called. The most common is offsides and its 5 yards and replay
the down. The worst is unneccasary roughness which can lead to 15 yards and
ejections. At each end of the field is an endzone which if you get in there it
is called a touchdown on offense, which is worth six points, or a safety on
defense which is worth 2 points on defense. If you score a touchdown, a field
goal is worth 1 point, if you dont its worth 3 points. For 4 quarters they
battle it out and at the end, the team with the most points is rewarded with the
win. Now that is my essay on the NFL.


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