The Point Of Pornography On The

.. The Point of Pornography on the Internet Why is the Internet so enticing for pedophiles? ” Its created easily accessible stimulation for child molesters. Anybody can download pictures in complete anonymity. They do not have to make any kind of human contact” (Trebilcock 102). There may be definitions to describe pornography, but they do not truly examine the destruction, degradation, and the pathetic nature of the concept.

The word pornography is more destructive than one might believe. It would fit perfectly into Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomons essay entitles “Cheap Thrills”. The essay talks about the influencing images of music, video and television. The computer is becoming more and more influencing because of the internet these days. The problem with this type of material today is it is assessable on every computer that is connected on-line to the Internet. Pornography should be eliminated on the Internet so that impressionable individuals can not access the degrading material.

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Al Gore says” Some say that we should refrain from action, that all action to block childrens access to objectable content amounts to censorship. To them I say, blocking your childs access to objectionable Internet content is not censoring thats called parenting”( Simons B10). Eliminating pornography on the net will help to decrease the large amount of pornography users, which will decrease crime. Dr. Victor Cline, from the University of Utah, conducted a study regarding serial murders and rapists. He observed users developing a four-step pattern with pornography.

The first step in his study was the addiction. The serial murders and rapist claimed that at first they become addicted to the material. Dr. Clines study didnt stop there. The serial murderers and rapists claimed to continue on with their addiction.

They increased to the next step of Dr. Clines observed patterns. The use of pornography material escalated. They felt as if they needed more and more pornography with hard core material to meet their needs. Becoming indifferent to others was the third stage. The serial murderers and rapists felt after becoming addicted and escalating their habits, they needed to desensitize. This is when they stopped caring about others.

As long as their needs were fulfilled they felt that no harm was done. They were the only innocence in the picture. The last step in Dr. Clines observation was the actualization, which is the acting out what he/she saw regarding pornography. This is the final stage that serial murderers and rapists concluded themselves in this four-stage process. Therefore, this is the end for innocent adults, children, and animals to get hurt.

Pulling all pornography from the Internet will allow fewer people to have access to the degrading material. This is the material that is a common character trait among serial murderers and rapists, which are a belief, held by Dr. Calvin. These four steps of Dr. Calvins need to be prevented by us the users of the Internet and the people of the world. We need to take it off the Internet now before it gets any worse.

Years ago people believed if pornography was to be legalized, the demand for the material would decrease. Now with the experience and technology today, the demand for the material is increasing. A study was directed in many cities with “de facto legalization.” The results of this study concluded men becoming addicted to the pornography material and then demanding more. This study also determined, in the last two decades, the number of rapes and child sexual abuse has increased tremendously due to the men who are acting out their desires. This material is like a deadly weapon.

It encourages one to strike a gun when they have it in their hand. Then the criminal uses it as an excuse to react on the topic. It was resolved in this study that when pornography addicts become “bored” with a certain type of material, they continue on to much harder material. Material that consumes much more than they have previously observed. They want the hard core pornography.

They want it all and this is where the situation becomes a problem. With these two studies from “Is it Pornography” article, the conclusions were both acted out as a result. When a person consumes hard core pornography, this is when most of the violent crimes occur. We must not allow this degrading material to destroy our people, futures and world. People need to realize the damage pornography does and stop it now. “Pornography is illegal for the same reason crack cocaine, steroids, and heroin are illegal.

Peoples lives are consumed and often destroyed by it and those who use it are a threat to others” (Elmer-Dewitt 636). This quotation, from the “Censorship II: Should Electronic Networks Be Restricted?” article, allows us to compare how destructive this topic really is to a drug that we all know the level of destruction. The only problem with this is, it is easier to get pornography today, than cocaine. All one has to do is turn on his computer and down load on the Internet. Its much too easy which makes it incredibly scary.

Anybody can down load images in a public library, a friends house, at local schools, and at any computer that is accessible to the Internet. There is no demand for ID checking; all thats needed is a mouse and a few clicks. Its more assessable than one might think. A child or an adult can load images at any age. A Veteran Internet surfer opposes, “If you dont want them you wont get them” (Walsh 7).

He claims that one must show proof of ID to obtain such material and the material is off limits to minors/kids. This is absolutely not true. If one is connected to the Internet, all they have to do is type the word PORNOGRAPHY and its that easy. Just as curiosity kills the cat, it also poisons the mind. Clifford L.

Linedecker says, “The chances of randomly coming across them are unbelievably slim” (7). Coming across “them” which is pornography, is much easier than one must believe. Typing a word is dealing with pornography (for the sake of research) into the computer and a few clicks from the mouse can disprove by Linedeckers message. Its much easier than one must believe. This unwanted material can be accessed anytime with just a click from the mouse. In ” Internet Child-Pornography Peddlers, Sex Predators Targeted by White House,” John Simons claims that since 1960 the rape percent has increased over 500%.

This is an enormous amount of rapes that occur due to the use of pornography. This article also acknowledges the fact that 57% of serial rapists that were studied claimed that they imitated scenes that were learned from types of pornography (B10). Among all the crimes in the America, sexual violence is driven to the maximum, due to hard core pornography. According to Robert M. Baird, “Pornography in the United States, is the third largest money-maker in systematic crime.

After following drugs and gambling, pornography has a $8-$10 billion per year enterprise” (117). This is a large amount of money for this one topic to make in a year, but the real issue is the human lives that are being tormented. This material needs to be eliminated in all areas. On the Internet, this material should be taken off 100%. It is obvious that pornography does more harm than good.

This material degrades the nature of impressionable individuals. This material hurts the innocent and by taking it off the internet, the crime rates of rape and murders will decrease in numbers tremendously. If we dont give the addicts their material, hopefully they will move on to bigger and better ideas. Being able to define the word pornography truly, is a question we all need to ask ourselves. We can get the definition from a dictionary or encyclopedia, but can we agree with the definition.

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