The Quiet American

The Quiet American Graham Greenes The Quiet American is a story about love. The main focus of this love is from Pyle and Fowler to Phuong. Through the novel Fowler and Pyle battle for this womens love, but the reality is that Phuongs love is not obtainable. The two men even speak of her in the third person, which reflects their idea of her as an object. Phuong sells herself to the highest bidder and is just looking for the best situation for herself. Phuongs whoring personality is seen through her relationships with three characters during the course of the novel.

In Phuongs relationship with Fowler she is treated like a prostitute. Fowlers relationship with Phuong is built on sex. I dont care that for her interests. I only want her body. I want her in bed with me.

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Id rather ruin her and sleep with her than, than . . . look after her damned interests, (p 59). While he does later express an interest to divorce his wife and marry Phuong this interest only arose out of the possibility of losing her in bed.

Fowler doesnt want a deep relationship, he just wants security and to feel comfortable. This is seen in his conversation with Pyle in the tower. I just dont want to be alone in my last decade, thats all, (p 104). Fowler would rather be with a woman that he didnt love than have to be alone. Phuong provides an easy woman to obtain with little emotional involvement.

Fowler just flat out uses Phuong as one would a prostitute. He takes sex from her and a sense of security. All this is in exchange for sustaining her lifestyle. Fowlers and Phuongs needs compliment each others, but Pyle provides a more enterprising opportunity for Phuong. In her relationship with Pyle she shows how willing she is to sell herself. She goes behind Fowler, who is the man she is with, to pursue possibilities with Pyle.

While never directly said it can be inferred from the passage where Pyle recognizes Phuongs footsteps and the passage where the two look as if they have just parted from kiss. It is not possible for her to have true emotions for Fowler and be out with Pyle behind Fowlers back. She pursues Pyle for his money and her desire to see the American skyscrapers, not for the love that Pyle hopes to receive. Phuong used Pyle and never had any true feelings for him. Fowler realizes this the night that Pyle is murdered and he is taking opium hits with Phuong.

He sees her lack of pain from the loss of Pyle and questions if he was the only one who really cared for Pyle? (p 22). The whole time Pyle was pursuing a girl who had no feelings for him. When his material possessions were no longer obtainable Pyle was cleaned from Phuongs mind. In this relationship Phuongs tendency towards selling herself is most easily seen, but it is her sister that allows for an outside view on her prostitution. Phuongs sister can be seen as a pimp in her dealings with Phuong.

In Miss Heis first meeting with Pyle the only thing she is interested in is how much money and authority he has in the United States. Fowler notices this and comments It sounds as though you were examining Mr. Pyles marriageability, (p 42). This was exactly what Miss Hei was doing. Miss Hei sees Pyle as a more beneficial option than Fowler and attempts to set up a meeting without his presence.

Then you must come and have dinner with me and my sister when Monsieur Fowler is gone, (p 43). Miss Heis interest in her sisters affairs has nothing to do with Phuongs happiness. She is only looking for the man with more money. Miss Hei sells her sisters body for money, which would in turn make Miss Hei a pimp and Phuong a prostitute. While Phuong can be deemed a prostitute, it does not have to be seen in a negative light.

Her selling of herself comes from necessity and culture. It [love] isnt in their nature. You will find that out. Its a clich to call them children but there is one thing which is childish. They love you in return for kindness, security and the presents you give them, (p 104).

Phuong doesnt mean to sell herself, but it is just the only love she knows. This is justified by the fact that when a persons basic needs for survival arent met they cant be concerned with issues such as love. Phuong is using the men in her life as a means of survival. From the outside it could be looked down upon, but there is no other option for her. If she did not use individual men she would have to become on of the girls that Granger fraternizes with and use multiple men. Ignoring the number of men she still sells her body for money. Phuong uses individual prostitution as a necessary means for survival as it is safe for her, regardless of those around her it may English Essays.