This essay will illustrate many of the potential s

cientific realities in a post nuclear holocaust world. Some facts arestrictly scientific and others are one that have not been proven but would be expected in this type of environment.
This essay will cover the key points of the novel like the glowing ruins, badlands, the reasons for such a high
deformity rate and how the deformities occurred. Reading this essay will expose you to some of the potential risks
that military superpowers could unleash on us at anytime.

In the novel The Chrysalids they talk about many topics that seem impossible to people today. In the
novel they talk about ruins in the badlands that glow at night. Except for the glowing this is a reality that revealed
itself after the booming of Hiroshima. The city lay in ruins all that remained were the tall buildings that were
strong enough to with stand the killer blast. These building were burned and were charred black by the burning
fires caused in the attack. As for the glowing part many time radioactive materials such as uranium glow because
of the process used to excite there particles. The same process is used in nuclear war heads, if enough of this
martial was let into an environment the possibility of them being so heavily polluted by these particles make it
possible that they would glow, when this happens it is not the buildings that would actually glow but the thick
blanket of nuclear particles that covered the that would.

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The badlands in the novel were probably once great cities that were boomed so heavily that nothing
survived and nothing has lived science tribulation. These places would be like the capital cities of today. Places
like Washington D.C., New York city, Warsaw, Ottawa, Toronto, and Kosovo. All of these places are either
governmental capitals or a major economic capital of a country. If hit in a nuclear attack the damaged caused by
the attack would deteriorate a countries government and economic structures. In the USA this problem had
already been examined during the cold war so it invested in a top secret project to build three super bunkers that
could withstand any blast possible one bunker for military advisors, one for congress and one for the supreme
court. They were built and kept top secret for 9 presidencies. This dose not seem very useful to many because as in
the crysalids after a nuclear holocaust there is nothing to be governed.

In the novel all the charters try to conform to a certain norm that is described in the new bible nicolsons
repaentaces. If one person is not found to be a norm they would be labeled as a deviation and would be sent to
live in the badlands. These people are victims of radioactive poisoning. After the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown
many of the people that were there experienced major deformity rates in there children. This is caused by the
radioactive materials in the air when radioactive material are let into the environment. After they enter the human
body the can cause serious damage to ones cells one of these cells is the reproductive cell. The radioactive
materials in a complex process changes the DNA make up of a person. This may not be apperent it the parent but
the changed DNA nay affect the physical looks of an individual.

This essay has touched on the topics of post nuclear environments, how nuclear material affects the
human body, how the badlands came to have nothing living on them, and why radioactive materials caused things