Tran, Trang (Cindy)

English 1C
Professor Simons
Extra Credit Video: “One Hour Photo”
From all the choices from the list of the movies to be check out, I
was not able to check all of them out, instead I went through the list and
picked out the one that I most familiar with or wanted to check out the
most; therefore, I chose the movie “One Hour Photo,” and not because I have
to watch this movie to do the essay, but I did wanted to check out this
movie along time ago. I really like most of Robin William’s movie. I
found most of his movies he plays are either funny or story lines are very
different from all of the other movie I saw in the past. However, this
movie One Hour Photo gave me a totally different reaction and feeling
compares to all the other time I watched a Robin William movie. This movie
seemed to be more confusing and creepy at the same time. Beginning of this
movie was very boring, with unattractive scene and very confusing story
line. However, as the story continues, it started to became more
interesting, in fact it seemed more disturbing to me. The more I watched,
I noticed that the director wanted to pulled the audience or the viewer
closer to the story line with some unpredictable scenes. This became more

Robin Williams play a very downbeat character in this movie. He play
Sy Parish, a photo lab technician at SavMart Pharmacy. Sy can be describes
as a very lonely man. He founds his happiness through his customer’s
pictures every single day. Therefore, SavMart could be considered as Sy’s
home away from home. As Sy develops his customer’s pictures, he then tries
to day dreams about their lives in different occasions in the pictures.

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One of the family that Sy became obsessed with over nine years straight,
was the Yorkins, and in fact he even felt like he was part of the family,
and imagine himself as “Uncle Sy.” Every time, the Yorkins came to SavMart
and get their pictures developed, Sy would always make sure to keep a
copies of those pictures for himself, and then hang them up in his
apartment. The Yorkins were too busy trying to get there pictures
developed and maintaining their lifestyle that they didn’t realized that
Sy, the friendly photo guy, turns out to be their biggest stalker. Even I
could not figure out at the beginning that Sy was that type of guy. The
director wanted us to figure out Sy for ourselves, to discover his own
personality that he was a bad guy in this movie. One very disturbing scene
was when Sy found out that the head of the house, the husband, had cheated
on his wife, Nina, Sy went and get revenge for her. It was a very
disturbing and creepy scene. At this time I could tell that the Yorkin’s
family became suspicious. As time goes by, the family started to keep
their eyes open and had found out that “Sy, the Photo Guy” is no longer an
innocent guy they know. Instead, he became a psychotic guy who work in as
a photo developer. After wondering why Sy had making so many extra copies
of the Yorkin’s family’s pictures, the boss became more suspicious and had
fired him. No more pictures to developed is not the most disappointment
part to Sy; instead, the most disappointing part was he felt like his
family was taken away from him. He had lost the love, the imaginary he
has, and most of all the Yorkin family.

This movie is weird and disturbing; however, it still got me crying,
felling sympathy, and of course at the same time feeling creepy. I like how
the director start out the movie and continued it with on- going tension
through out the film. This film contain so many unexpected scene such as,
revenges, murders, laughs, tears and even couple scene of nudity. After
watching this movie, I felt so creepy for some reason. I had all these
thoughts about what if there is someone out there who is psycho just like
Sy, and who kept an extra package of my pictures and hang them around their
apartment? The more creepy part was that what if there was someone
actually stalking me and knew all about my daily life schedules? That
would be very scary. Now I have second thought and is more careful with
the pictures that I have to developed and make sure there aren’t pictures
that reveal too much of myself or about my personal life. Even though, I
do not think or hope that there is not anyone out there like that; however,
after someone watched this movie, they might tries to copy Sy, and try to
play Sy’s role. I enjoyed this movie very much even though it did leave me
with the creepy and thrilling feeling.