UFOs are a hot, controversial subject. We still do

n’t know what theseobjects are, or whether they really exist. Conventional wisdom tells us that the
majority of ufo sightings are false reports, fueled by mass hysteria, and people who
tend to be mentally unstable.

What if we believed UFOs exist? How do we rationally explain UFO
behavior? Witnesses report time, and time again incredible right angle turns at
enormous velocities, and instant stops. There have been reports that UFOs change
their shapes, colors, and disappear instantly. UFOs violate a very important law
that far too many people neglect to bring up – this law is the law of physics.

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In media reports we have heard of the Air Force testing some kind of “black
project” aircraft. code named “Aurora”. According to news accounts, this high
altitude hypersonic aircraft creates powerful vertical, earthquake like jolts, felt by
thousands of Southern California residents, as it passes high over head in excess of
four thousand miles per hour.

Scientist will tell you that any thing that burns a propellant in a reaction
chamber, and then directs the exhaust products of that reaction out of a nozzle can
be classified as a rocket. The Aurora’s propulsion system is obviously rocket-like.
It makes alot of noise. So, it follows, then, that any rocket capable of the
tremendous speed and maneuvering attributed to UFOs would be impossible not to

But the majority of UFO witnesses report hearing nothing like the
continuous, low frequency rumbling sounds, or jolts that would be expected to
accompany fuel combustion propulsion based rockets; nor do they report seeing the
kind of exhaust products that you would expect to see with rockets.

So were forced to eliminate all present solid, and chemical fuel based
rockets, and even futuristic propulsion schemes like nuclear electric ion rockets,
interstellar hydrogen fusion ramjets, and the biggie…..anti-matter annihilation
rockets as candidates for the propulsion on UFOs.

Our biggest problem in a nut shell is the Einstein barrier: the exhaust speed
of the propellant relative to a rocket is limited to three hundred thousand kilometers
per second which also happens to be the speed of light in a vacuum cleaner. To
date this barrier prevents practical interstellar travel because a physically
unreasonable amount of conventional fuel is needed to get close to the speed of
light in a rocket. Any starship built on proven or unproven principles of rocket
propulsion (star trek spaceship) would still need to generate much more energy than
is generated on Earth every year. The manufacturing costs would be many more
times the gross national products of America, all of Europe, and Japan combined.
So, we are now faced with a huge physical, and economic problem that can not be
tossed aside, over come, or solved. So if you want to see the starship enterprise
don’t look toward the stars turn on your television and watch star trek.