Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad The underground railroad was more successful in ending slavery compared to the abolitionists way of ending slavery. This is true for many reasons such as that Hariet Tubman helped 200 to 300 slaves in 79 trips escape from slavery, the safe houses and conductors helped made it successful, and also, many people helped the slaves escape from the south up to the north, mainly to Canada. Hariet Tubman became a specialist for the underground railroad after escaping from Maryland into Pennsylvania. She made 79 trips from the south up to the north and Canada. She helped 200 to 300 slaves escape and be free.

Many joined the airforce in Canada, and others worked in factories. Robert Pervis also worked for the underground railroad. He had so many good actions that he was known to be somewhat of a president for the system. Many people wanted to end slavery, so they helped the slaves escape by letting the slaves stay at their houses, These were called safe housing. Each house was called a station in which slaves would stop at on their way to the north.

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The conductors were the leaders who helped the slaves escape. Hariet Tubman was a conductor. There were many ways in which the underground railroad helped end slavery. So the underground railroad was very successful in freeing the slaves.