Violence On Television Sexual Perversion Suicide Aids

Violence On Television; Sexual Perversion; Suicide; Aids XXX America today. Ponder with me that phrase for a second. 14 year olds having sex; Violence on Television; Sexual perversion; Suicide; AIDS. It simply saddens the heart. Our society is lost.

Wondering pointlessly in a maze of empty sorrow. Fathers abandon their families because they suddenly decide they are gay, or some *censored* like that. A young mother in high school with herpes. Abortion. Shit is on every channel of the television.

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OUR CHILDERN ARE KILLING EACH OTHER IN SCHOOL. What the hell is this. Well, we make gay marriages legal. We hand out condoms in school. We show horrid violence in every living room.

Heck, a mother can kill her own child if she feels like it. Why is society so wack? When an evil arises, we shun it. But slowly, over time society becomes desensitized to it. Rules are disregarded, morals forgotten. This process ends in acceptance; Basically, we end up legalizing *censored* that was considered unthinkable 40 years ago. Some call it progress.

I hate it. This process has created a lost generation that doesnt know what to think. In the short story X, Lois Gould quaintly tackles the issue of gender stereotyping. Once upon a time, a baby named X was born. It was named X so that nobody could tell whether it was a boy or girl. This silly little essay Xplains how to raise an X. The child is allowed to develop traits on it own, without the hindrance of gender pressures.

X is allowed to be itself. Other children have to obey silly rules, because their parents taught them to. Lucky X- you dont have rules at all! All you have to do is be yourself. Think of your deepest and darkest thoughts. Would you want everyone to run around being his or her true, primal self? The last thing we want to do is abolish the rules; rip the moral fabric of society. We dont want to see our true and undisciplined selves.

We have already seen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of Littleton, CO, be themselves. Humanity is inherently evil. There is just too much evidence to say otherwise. What the lost generation needs is strong moral foundation forged by loving parents. A parents job is not to be entirely accepting. Two year olds should not be allowed to do what they please. A child is a diamond in the rough.

It takes powerful cutting tools to chisel out a perfect stone. Young X is being raised in a wishy-washy manner. It will not become a diamond. Men have always been leaders over the household. This age old system has been in effect since the beginning of time.

It has produced strong generations of moral men and women. Wishy-washy men are bad leaders; they are the reason for the womens rights movement. Men werent being men. So the women stepped in. (Progress?) I think X might grow up to be the kind of person who doesnt know who he or she is, or what sex he or she prefers. This question was posed: is a world of little Xs running around is something we should strive for (Quiz #7).

I say no. Regardless, it has already happened. We have a generation were rules are disregarded and morals forgotten. A generation of Xs. Generation X.

Lois Goulds sort story may seem docile, but the kinds of attitudes presented in it are part of the desensitizing process. It is the little attitudes that seem harmless that do the most damage. Lucky X- you dont have rules at all! Lets raise boys and girls who know who they are, and who know the rules. A new generation; one that asks: Y? Y do we allow violence on television? Y am I afraid to go to school? Y do we put up with all this *censored*? Philosophy.