What’s Wrong With Our Food And Drugs?

Do you really want to know what is wrong with our food? If you knew
just half of what went into your food you would be disgusted. That is why I am
here, to inform you. First of all, the packaging factories are hardly suitable
to be a place to package raw meat. Rats are running all over the place and
flies and other dirty insects are abundant. You would assume that old rotten
meat would be disposed of, wouldn’t you, but it’s not. The mea is packaged
anyway and sent to a store where a consumer will buy it unknowingly. You could
be that consumer. Would you like that? And what about meat that hsa fallen on
the dirty, mildew covered floors of the factories? You would think that it
would be thrown away, right? Well, you are wrong again. The meat is just
picked back up and packaged. I don’t know about you but I think something has
got to be done to keep our food clean and edible.

The other half of this story is the ridiculous cures that some people
are receiving. I have heard of alcohlics who are trying to breaktheir habits
being given a bottle of medicine that contains 80 % alcohol. Something there
doesn’t sound right. People are being given the same treatment for epilepsy and
all sorts of other disorders. How is alcohol going to help someone that has
epilepsy? The only thing these nonsense treatments are doing is making the
physical ailments that these people have worse. If you were terribly sick do do
you think alcohol would cure you? That’s what I thought too. We need to put
some money into researching and developing some worthwhile cures that will
actually do something.

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I have now informed you of two major problems that this nation faces and
if something is not done to solve them then many people could end up sick or
even dead. What we need to do is evaluate our problems and then fix them
instead of ignoring them.
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