William Jefferson Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton Award Winner The most deserving person in the world to receive the Swift Silken Thread for Meaningless Achievement Award is former president William Jefferson Clinton. He was president for 8 years. He has had many meaningless achievements during his life. Some were not even legal. One of his many meaningless achievements is receiving the longest haircut to ever shut down an airport.

This is an achievement no one will ever come close to reaching. Mr. Clinton was at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California when this feat was achieved. He decided he wanted a haircut while aboard Air Force 1. Due to the security that must be kept for the president, no planes were allowed to take-off or land at the airport.

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His very important haircut only lasted a few hours, so he only inconvenienced a few thousand people. Another meaningless achievement of the former president was his astonishing ability to avoid being drafted into the military. Of course this was illegal, but it takes a lot of ability and smarts to do this. Another trait that he must have had to achieve something so meaningless is cowardlness. Cowardness seems to be his best trait. It really helped him become a draft dodger. Last but definitely not least, the most meaningless achievement of Bill Clintons life is cheating on his wife, Hilary, in the most well known office in the United States.

Of course its the Oval Office in the White House. This meaningless achievement was great for the US It made the country so well known all over the world. It made him very popular with the ladies too. Cigar sales also went up after his affair came out in public. Though no one is really sure why.

William Jefferson Clinton is well deserving of this award. Not all of his meaningless achievements could fit on such little paper because there are so many of them. But as anyone could tell no one deserves this meaningless award more than him. Biographies.