Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams The story Winter Dreams is the epitome of the saying “opposites attract”. Just take a look at two of the main characters of the story; Dexter Green and Judy Jones. Judy who was born into wealth has had everything hand fed to her, for her entire life. And on the other hand you have Dexter, a boy from black bear, Minnesota with a dad that owns the second most successful grocery store in area. Dexter is a boy that comes from an upper class family, yet still knows the importance of working for riches and is fully prepared to do so.

Two different people that are still drawn together by two things, Judys loveliness and Dexters gullable personality. First, lets look at Judys personality. She is snobby yet refined, with an innocent demeanor that can be down right evil. She is also with out a care in the world. This personality of hers is best potrayed at the golf course when the gentlemen are playing a round of golf and all of the sudden here “fore”. Mr.

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Hedrick is struck in the stomach with a golf ball that was hit by Judy. As she approaches the men Mr. Hedrick blurts out that her wild shot had hit him in the stomach, and Judy merely replies “Did I?” “Im sorry. I yelled fore! ” (p 673) as nothing that had just occurred was out of the ordinary. Then she continued to look for her ball as she carelessly walks by the gentlemen, and after all that had just occurred she asked if they had seen where it went after striking Hedrick. Dexter on the other hand is completely different than Judy.

He is a hard working boy, that is known and respected as one of the top caddies of the golf course in Black Bear. Dexter is a confident yet modest boy that has been schooled by the finest schools of the east. Meaning an ivy league school. He is smart and savvy yet extremely gullible to beauty, thus the reason for his obsession with Judy. His personality is best portrayed when he does not like the idea of the snotty little girl Judy bossing him around. He does not like it so without a hesitation he quits his job and goes home. As much as I liked Dexter and disliked Judy I found myself thinking that Dexter was a complete fool. He should have seen what Judy had been doing to all the other guys around him, and he should have left her.

Yet he didnt and he hurt other people because of his foolishness. People like Irene, his bride to be whom he broke off his engagement to as soon as he got a hint of Judy showing interest in him. Woman can have that effect on men though and Dexter was only human so all could be forgiven of him. The only thing that puzzled me the most was the fact that after he had been told of Judys ways he was extremely upset. Even after all the pain that was caused by the beautiful and wretched girl.