Have you ever been encouraged to whoop someone’s butt? Wrestling is the sport wear this happens. There is nothing like the thrill of whooping someone until you’ve got him or her pinned. No, I’m not talking about that fake stuff they show television. I am talking about real wrestling. There are several major advantages of wrestling that wrestlers have become apparent to such as gaining, big muscles, lots of endurance, and just the knowledge of how to do the super moves.

It is true that there are many injuries involved in this sport. However, there is important evidence to the contrary. One reason we should consider is that in this sport you will gain big muscles. There is evidence of this just by looking at your body after you have been wrestling. Facts show that after wrestling for a year you will be able to bench pressing a lot more than your normal amount. Also your muscles will be at least 50% bigger than your normal size.

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Wrestling will bring your endurance way up. This sport helps your endurance a lot more than any other sport. Before I started wrestling I couldn’t even run a mile without walking. Now I can run two miles without walking. People are able to do more
Sit-ups and Push-ups after joining a wrestling team. You are even able to with stand six-minute match longer than ever before.

Most importantly in wrestling you will gain the knowledge of how to do super moves. There is no other sport where you can learn these awesome moves. You can’t learn these moves from football, baseball, swimming, or soccer. All other sports are just wussy compared to this one. The moves are what make this sport so unique in its class.

The advantages of wrestling are clear. You can gain big muscles, lots of endurance, and the knowledge of how to do these great moves. This shows that wrestling is by far the finest sport in the world. Make the right choice. Join your local wrestling team.