Years 1954 To 1968

.. hile the world was recovering from the earlier great depression. After the United States was able to send a satellite in to orbit, the prosperity of the democratic nation was revealed to the rest of the world. Our prosperity and growth as a nation made the other communist nations see us as a more prosperous and successful enemy. The confusion that our prosperity caused in other countries possibly helped other communist countries come to their downfall.

The gained strength of our government during these times has been crucial to the survival of tough times in the United States. Even though the benefits were not immediately seen in many of the new ideas, both socially and politically, the success of many of the programs were really actually good compared to the reaction that they received when they were originally introduced. During this fourteen-year span the United States was able to confront and settle some of its most damaging problems. 2. A. In an essay of no less than three full pages and no more than four, discuss the growth of the United States as an imperialist power from the Spanish-American War to the Persian Gulf War.

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50 points. The time period from the Spanish-American War to the Persian Gulf War consisted of many different types of struggles and victories for the United States. Battles determining the future of communism and the strength of the United States government were very apparent during this time period. The results of this time period are very present in the world today. This time period consisted of different social and economic challenges not only for the American government but for the world. The way that the United States has adapted and strengthened from of almost every obstacle faced during this period has been the greatest contribute to the growth of the United States as “the world power”.

As the Spanish-American War drew to an end, the United States was working on the introduction of new political parties and the improvement of American industry. The growth of new parties ensured that many new ideas would be heard and taken into consideration. The improvement of American industry was a problem that persisted but no one in government could come up with a plan that would make the system much better. It is vital that one understands that the American system enables the government to grow and learn as a whole instead of one class or party hogging all of the benefits. The post Spanish American War time period had World War I right behind it.

The United States decision to remain at a neutral position throughout the beginning of the war was one of the main factors that contributed to the growth of the United States as an imperialist power. Had the American forces gone into the war and lost much of its military power, the outcome of the war might have been very different. When the United States became involved in the war they had the fresh troops and had an accurate account for the positions taken by others in the war. The late entrance into the war proved to be too much for the opposition. The end of the war helped form the League of Nations that later helped create the United Nations.

In all of the positions, the United States at some point had to assume the leading role and make some of the important decisions protecting others by giving the majority of military support when needed. Soon after World War I the United States and the rest of the world encountered economic disaster. The Great Depression was challenging for everyone, but it proved to be a learning tool for other economic situations. Because of the stock market crash in 1929 and another drop in 1987, the government has allowed stock market intervention to help prevent extreme drops in the stock market. After the depression many people learned the importance of inflation control and how to maintain their economic freedoms properly.

The things that have been learned from the depression and stock market problems has allowed the United Stated citizens to stimulate and make their own economy grow and prosper. After the Great Depression the United States soon encountered World War II. This war helped bring the United States economic situation back to more beneficial levels. World War II enabled women to gain their political freedoms in America. The United States showed a strong unity when they had nationwide conservation and rationing programs.

The introduction of nuclear weapons in the United States arsenal showed the potential for disaster but also the strength and development of the United States armed forces. By the time the war had drawn to an end, the economy had begun to boom. Large corporations created new jobs, and new technologies that transformed the way people lived. The economy continued to grow as the United States began to fund and dominate the space program. When the American flag flew on the moon in 1969, every nation could see the developments and power of the strongest nation. The satellite program that has developed because of the space program has enabled the United States to monitor and have superior devices to work with. Since the United States passed others trying to win the space race, the main competition has been slowed by the downfall of their government.

The Korean War and the Vietnam War cast a shadow on the American government. With no strong finish in the Vietnam War the power of the United States came into question. The lack of a good reason for being involved in the war did not go over well with many of the citizens back home. With new technological advances the power of the United States is not questioned very often. When the government is put to the test the power is demonstrated very quickly and efficiently.

The continuing power of the United States was recently demonstrated in the Persian Gulf War. Even though the American troops were not the only military force fighting against Iraq, the dominance of the United States was felt and seen throughout the war. As the Persian Gulf War came to an end the United States and Russia signed a treaty that officially ended the Cold War. The United States desire for world peace is clear, but the power and strength of the American government is still strong and continuously gaining strength. History.