Our Story

The stories that move us are the ones we remember most. They make us smile from ear to ear or bring us to tears. They tug at our heartstrings or compel us to walk, run or donate to a cause. These stories started with a moment that led to a movement. And, they were written by storytellers like us.

Our approach to writing college essays begins with helping students discover or uncover those moments in life that reveal their true character — whether they’re ambitious, adventurous, kind, thoughtful, dedicated, determined, patient or persistent. Our team of creative thinkers, journalists and wordsmiths then guide students to carefully craft those experiences to make them memorable.

Our own story has been evolving for decades. We have been writing, well, since we could hold a pencil in our hands. From winning elementary school essay contests to earning coveted Emmy and Associated Press awards to helping students gain admission into some of the most prestigious schools in the country, we have spent our careers revealing, reliving and retelling the stories that shape people’s lives.

Let us help you find your story.